A sustainable hub for young leaders to drive high-level change in the U.S.

Our Mission

The Youth Working Group is committed to igniting action that positively impacts the lives of 47 million young Americans. Through our partner organizations, the Youth Working Group serves as a sustainable hub for U.S. youth leadership.

Our approach

Taking Action

Our members have started global and national initiatives.

Advocating For Progress

Opening a channel for young experts to engage decision-makers through high-level meetings and representing youth voices on the national stage. We advise leaders through the U.N.

Empowering Young Change Agents

Providing young change agents with resources, support, and networks to accelerate the impact of their work related to U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Initiatives

Pathways 2030

Pathways to decent work for all

The Next Generation of Work is a collection of 15 perspectives from youth around the world. Each perspective outlines evidence-based assessments of topics around United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 8, while also outlining recommendations for policy leaders.

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Youth Can

Increasing under-30 voting, candidacy, and civic engagement.

Youth Can envisions a world where those under 30 are empowered to drive social and political change. We aim to significantly increase under-30 voting, candidacy, and civic engagement in the US 2020 elections, including in all parties across all levels of government.

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Our Climate Voices

Building a communication hub for climate action

Our Climate Voices (OCV) is an emerging online anthology of stories dedicated to restoring the agency of every human to engage with the climate justice movement. It is an initiative that collects stories online to help global citizens identify and engage with the climate justice movement.

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Impact Ed

Connecting classrooms with real world challenges

ImpactEd is a program that brings real world problem solving into university classrooms around the world through a digital platform. The ImpactEd team works with partners across nonprofit, business, and governmental sectors to develop and distribute project cases across fields of study.

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